EyeOnPalin.org is a national campaign dedicated to exposing Sarah Palin’s anti-conservation agenda.

Talk about getting under someone’s skin!

EyeOnPalin.org is a national campaign dedicated to exposing Sarah Palin’s anti-conservation agenda.

The media spotlight! The ethics complaints! The legal bills! Oh…and those pesky wolves! In her farewell speech, the much-beleaguered Sarah Palin referenced the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund’s (DAF) repeated tarring of her with the aerial wolf killing issue as one reason she was fed up and leaving office. In her address, she warned ominously of “anti-hunting, anti-second amendment circuses from Hollywood… [which use] delicate, tiny, very talented celebrity starlets….for their anti-second amendment causes,” demonstrating once again a fundamental misunderstanding of both DAF’s mission and the problems underlying her conservation policies. As noted earlier this week in the influential Politico newsletter: “Never before has…an issue as obscure as the Defenders of Wildlife attack on Palin’s wolf-hunting rules, gotten so far under an executive’s skin.”

We’re immensely gratified that we played a part, however small, in driving Sarah Palin from the governor’s mansion. Now the new Governor, Sean Parnell, has the chance to restore Alaska’s natural heritage and the state’s legacy of respect for the natural world. But don’t count out Sarah Palin; she’s sure to surface somewhere touting her misguided and short-sighted conservation agenda. And as always, we’ll be watching…

Palin’s Resignation Leaves Wake of Wildlife Devastation

Parnell Has Opportunity to Chart New Science-Based Path

(July 6, 2009) The following statement from Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund President Rodger Schlickeisen is in response to the resignation of Alaska governor, Sarah Palin: “Governor Palin’s surprise resignation comes at a crucial point for wildlife and wild places in Alaska. In the just two and a half years of her term, she has made a series of decisions that prove she had absolutely no interest in being an environmental steward of the unique natural treasure that is Alaska.”

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