Which waterproof case for iPhone 6 should you get? Check out 3 of our faves

Which waterproof case for iPhone 6 should you get? Check out 3 of our faves

waterproof caseA waterproof case for iPhone 6 is an absolute must have for your device. Although modern technology has come a long way in recent years, we still have some minor problems with our cell phones, one of them being breakability. This is due to the nature of the materials used. Although the body of the iPhone 6 is strong, it can still be damaged, which can result in the phone no longer working.

It’s easy to think you’ll be careful and not drop your iPhone, but many different unexpected situations can arise. For example dropping it in the toilet! It sounds really silly, but we’ve heard of so many people this has happened to.

For such an expensive and personal item, it is important to have a waterproof case, in order to protect your iPhone 6 from water damage. Even with insurance, it would be so sad to lose all the details on your phone, such as pictures, contacts and messages.

Other sticky situations include the obvious, when you drop the phone and it smashes the screen. This is upsetting as nobody expects it to happen to them, but when it does, they wish that they had invested in a screen protector in order to have prevented this. Another situation is when you are out at the beach with some friends on holiday. You want to get some snaps in your swimwear with your friends, but the beach is full of sand and water. This can ruin your phone, as the sand can scratch the surface of your screen, and the water leaks into the phone and damages the delicate technology.

Now that we know that it is important to get a waterproof case for your iPhone 6, let’s compare some that are currently on the market.

Crystal iPhone 6/6s Waterproof Case

The Crystal iPhone 6/6s waterproof case is a beautiful case, available in a variety of colors such as pink, green and blue. It is a clear case, so you can still see the original iPhone design and Apple logo, which is always a plus.

It comes in a slick style, with a slim body and three layers of protection. For added peace of mind there’s a lifetime warranty so you can always get a replacement. The back case is made of TPU gel, great for protecting your 6S against drops.

The Crystal is currently on sale reduced from $99.95 to only $39.98, so grab yourself a bargain while it lasts. For this price, you’ll get cutting edge technology such as waterproofing, dust proofing, shock proofing and drop proofing. This means that your phone is protected against the usual events that occur that can cause damage to the phone.

The screen guard is of HD quality, so image quality will still look great, while keeping your 6S protected at the same time. The phone is snow proof, too, so it will be able to be taken on all kinds of winter adventures. It’s especially great for people who do snow sports as it will protect your phone from getting knocked when you are on skis or a snowboard.

The case is secure, so once it is fitted, there is no danger of it detaching from the phone and exposing it to potential risks. Its dustproof ability means that your iPhone 6 can be protected from bits of dust coming in and damaging or scratching your phone. This is fantastic as it keeps the phone in its best possible condition.

All in all, we love this super protective case.

Spikestar iPhone 6/6s Waterproof Case

The Spikestar iPhone 6/6s waterproof case for iPhone 6 is the most affordable out of the three. That makes it a great option if you are on a budget but still want a waterproof case for your iPhone 6. It is currently on offer, reduced from $69.95 to only $19.98.

The highly durable shock absorbent outer structure is perfect for preventing damage that occurs when the phone is accidently nudged off a table or falls out of your pocket when you are jogging. The crystal clear screen prevents scratches, but is sensitive to touch and looks great. It uses a secure port protection, which works by sealing the phone off from harsh environmental conditions. This makes all parts of your iPhone 6 fully waterproof.

The case is hard, and slim, looking very nice in a variety of vibrant colors to suit your taste. For a business look there is the black option available, the red option if you want it to look vibrant and bold. For a more feminine touch there are pink and teal, which look bright and eye catching.

For such a good price, this phone features all the essential protection elements, such as dirt proofing, dust proofing, snow proofing and shock proofing. Out of all the cases it is the best value for money, and will serve the purpose of protecting your phone in many of nature’s most phone-damaging scenarios.

PunkJuice iPhone 6/6s Waterproof Battery Case

The PunkJuice iPhone 6/6s Waterproof Battery Case is a very exciting and new design in waterproof cases for the iPhone 6. It has the ability to withstand the elements of nature just as the other phone cases do.

However there is one other type of disaster that can occur… and this is one that we experience on a regular basis: When your iPhone 6 runs out of battery power. This can be one of the most frustrating experiences, especially during an important call or when you are far from home without anywhere to charge it. This is where the Punkjuice iPhone 6 case is brilliant, as it comes with a battery inside. No longer will you have to look for somewhere external to charge it when you need to use it the most.

This case also features a surprisingly slim and sleek design and comes in a variety of colours including, black, pink, purple and blue. The case also features shock proof, snow proof, dust proof and waterproof technology.

This is the most expensive of the iPhone 6 waterproof cases, costing $89.98, reduced from $129.95. However it is well worth the extra cost as the battery included is superb at keeping you charged up and ready to go. It is a high capacity fast charging battery, carrying 125% extra battery life. This is the best option for you if you like to go on camping holidays with mud, water, bumps, and scrapes. The battery will last more than twice as long as normal, which is perfect for this kind of adventure.

In conclusion, there are many options for getting yourself a waterproof cover for the iPhone 6, and these are available for everyone to suit all budgets and needs – which one will you pick?

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