iPhone 6 silicone case vs TPU case: Which is better?

iPhone 6 silicone case vs TPU case: Which is better?

As you’ve searched for something to protect your iPhone, you’ve probably come across iPhone 6 silicone cases. You might have also heard about TPU, and you might be wondering, what’s the difference? Which is better? How do these materials work to protect your phone?

Let’s check out both these materials side by side, so you can choose if you’re going to buy an iPhone 6 silicone case, or go for TPU instead.

The first thing to know is they’re both flexible and protective. The flexibility is great because it means it’s easy to get your TPU or silicone case on your iPhone 6. They’re both protective in that they buffer falls.

But the similarities stop there. In our opinion, TPU (termoplastic polyuretane) is superior in a number of ways. For one thing, it has a non grip effect. One problem with silicone is that it grips things to it, like lint and dust. So you’ll forever be wiping your iPhone case down for it to look good. Not so fun.

The other concern with iPhone 6 silicone cases is durability. Silicone does not last very long. Phone case owners say that silicone lasts for only about a month before it begins to stretch and go out of shape. Then it starts falling off your cell phone. This is annoying for regular cases, but would be disastrous for waterproof cases, as it could mean the death of your phone. On the other hand, TPU will stand for around two whole years of use before showing signs of wear and tear. They hold your phone more tightly, and are much less likely to start going slack.

Silicone has one advantage over TPU, and that is that it’s a slightly cheaper material. But to be honest, there’s hardly much of a difference. The price difference between iPhone 6 silicone cases and TPU alternatives certainly isn’t earth shattering. We think it’s a sensible idea to invest a few more dollars and get something that’s going to last, instead of having to buy all over again in a few months.

Here are some TPU cases, in case you’ve decided an iPhone 6 silicone case isn’t your jam:

Punkcase Crystal


Did you know that TPU can be clear? In the Punkcase Crystal, the back cover is crafted from transparent TPU, to give you the benefit of showing your Apple logo and protecting your iPhone 6 at the same time. This case also comes with waterproofing, shockproofing, snow and iceproofing, and dirtproofing.


Punkcase Studstar

In this case, the TPU is used for a raised bevel. A bevel is a raised edge at the front or the back of the case. It is included in many case designs because it is great at preventing your phone from smashing directly against the ground. The bevel acts as a buffer. Even though it’s just a couple of millimeters, it makes all the difference.

Along with the TPU bevel, the Studstar also includes a screen protector, polycarbonate shell, and polypropylene bumper.

Ghostek Covert

This is another iPhone 6 case that utilizes clear TPU as part of its protective arsenal. The transparent TPU back case works together with the screen protector, the raised beveling, and the air cushion corners, to deliver an all-around protective system.

Ghostek Cloak

If you liked the look of the Covert, but weren’t sure it offered you enough protection, the Cloak could be the best option for you. Just like the Covert, the Cloak has a fully transparent TPU body. But this time, the protection’s upgraded.

You’ll get a tempered glass screen protector with 9H strength and 0.33mm thickness. But the biggest change is the addition of a metallic frame. This aluminum alloy bumper surrounds the corners and edges of your iPhone 6, adding a whole new dimension of protection.

Punkcase Galactic

At just $9.98, we think this TPU based case is an excellent alternative for a cheap iPhone 6 silicone case. While the Galactic is perfect if you’re on a budget, it isn’t low quality, like some silicone cases, and it won’t fall apart in a few weeks.

This case offers multilayered protection to keep your iPhone 6 safe through drops and shocks. The outer layer is crafted from polycarbonate, while a thick inner TPU layer wraps around the back and sides of your iPhone 6. A tempered glass screen protector, 9H and 0.33mm thick, is included, too.

Now we’re done showing you some awesome TPU options, what do you think you’ll get – a iPhone 6 silicone case, or a TPU alternative?

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