8 of the best iPhone cases for 6S

8 of the best iPhone cases for 6S

iPhone cases for the 6S are perfect if you need to protect your smartphone. Because, even though Apple’s 4.7-inch model is beautiful, it’s not rough and tough. In fact, while every iPhone gets slimmer and sleeker than previous models, with more advanced technology and a price tag to match, they don’t get stronger. If anything they get more delicate and fragile.

Why not protect your 6S with iPhone cases that will work to resist all environmental pressures? Here we’ve collected eight of our favorite iPhone cases for 6S.

Whether you’re looking for maximum protection, or a cool mix of functionality and style, we’re sure there’s something here for you.

Clear iPhone cases for 6S

Ghostek Covert: $15.98

Clear iPhone cases for 6S are the perfect combination of style and protection. While the Apple good looks of your 6S are still showcased, with the logo seeing daylight, your phone is protected from drops, too.

Protective features include:

  • Explosion proof screen protection
  • Scratch resistant, shock absorbing, clear TPU body
  • Air cushion corners with drop spring technology

Punkcase Lucid: $14.98

The Lucid is an interesting spin on a clear case. While the majority of the case is indeed transparent, metallic detailing makes up the outside edges of the case, giving a luxe, sophisticated look. A credit card holder is built into the back, also with metallic detailing.

Protective features include:

  • Screen protector
  • Shock absorbent TPU construction
  • Premium body designed to withstand impact

Ghostek Cloak: $19.88

Some iPhone cases for 6S have metallic bumpers. This is a protective feature that many case owners swear by, especially if your phone’s going to be getting a lot of punishment. The Ghostek Cloak is an aluminum alloy framed case that can offer you that extra level of peace of mind.

Protective features include:

  • Tempered glass screen protector, 9H hardness, 0.33mm thickness
  • Metallic frame constructed with aluminum alloy for additional drop protection
  • Transparent back cover made from TPU gel
  • Rounded bumpers and raised bevels

Punkcase Crystal: $39.98

If there’s a type of case we think many iPhone cases 6S owners are looking for but can’t track down, it’s clear, waterproof cases. There are many waterproof cases, and many clear cases, but to find one that intersects the two categories is rare. Enter the Punkcase Crystal.

Protective features include:

  • Total waterproofing with advanced sealing protection, up to 2m or 6.6ft
  • Sealed against dust, dirt, lint, mud and sand
  • Winter-ready, as it can totally resist snow and ice
  • Anti shock construction, with rounded bumper and raised bevel to protect the screen
  • Back case made of transparent TPU gel that lends shock absorbence

Ghostek Atomic 2.0: $44.98

Again, another waterproof case with transparent good looks. But the Atomic 2.0 stands out even more among iPhone cases for 6S, because it includes an aluminum frame, too. This combination of features is truly rare.

Protective features include:

  • Waterproofing up to 3.3ft or 1m
  • A thick, strong metallic bumper that will take hits from the ground successfully
  • Raised bevel to surround your screen and keep it safe
  • Screen protection
  • Textured grip to stop your 6S sliding out of your hand

Other waterproof iPhone cases for 6S

Ghostek Nautical: $34.98

For some 6S owners, waterproofing is important, while transparent looks are not. If that’s you, the Nautical might just float your boat.

Protective features include:

  • Internal aluminum frame
  • Inbuilt air cushion to absorb impact from drops
  • IP68 waterproofing, up to 6.6ft
  • Can block out snow, ice, dust, dirt, mud etc
  • Drop spring bumper corners
  • A thick sealed front cover

Punkcase Studstar: $29.98

The Studstar is one of Punkcase’s flagship iPhone cases for 6S and it’s not hard to see why. Along with waterproofing, it’s excellent against drops, too.

Protective features include:

  • Polypropylene back cover
  • Polypropylene bumper to protect your corners and edges
  • Raised bevel made from TPU, perfect for resisting shocks
  • Screen protector
  • Layered seal for waterproofing protection, up to 6.6ft
  • Blocks out snow, ice, dust, dirt etc

Punkcase Punkjuice: $89.98

This is the most expensive of the iPhone cases for 6S, and with good reason. Not only does it come with waterproofing and the additional protection waterproofing affords, it also includes an inbuilt battery that extends the life of your 6S by over 120%, turning 10 hours into 22.

Protective features include:

  • 100% waterproofing, not just water resistance
  • Anti shock construction with heavy duty design to protect against scratches, drops and scrapes
  • The bumper comes with rounded corners and raised edges for extra device protection

That’s our round up of awesome protective iPhone cases for 6S – which one caught your eye?

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